Kraft paper bag used in the industries

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Kraft paper bag used in the industries

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The kraft paper box and kraft paper bag are widely used in retail bags in various industries.wholesale sugarcane tray First of all, the color of kraft paper looks more natural and environmentally friendly. Secondly, kraft paperboard is very durable and strong, very suitable for protective purposes. In this issue, we will introduce an exquisite kraft paper bag.pla paper cups manufacturers The text and pictures are printed in black, which is specially designed for 3D wooden puzzle packaging.
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Simple design
The design of the kraft paper bag is simple and beautiful, only black and white.wholesale kraft soup cup With one hand, at the bottom of the package is a triangular die-cut window to display the puzzle inside. On the other hand, the designer printed a wooden wolf on the white rectangle. At the same time, there are rabbits, carrots and deer printed on the background of kraft paper. In addition, there are a few simple black curves on the back, which look great.wholesale kraft paper soup cup Therefore, the whole design is very suitable for wood color, with similar kraft paper tones.
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Unique paper material
In terms of paper materials, the thickness of the kraft paper bag is 0.3mm, which is durable enough to protect the puzzles inside.paper cone cups wholesale When the paper printing box size is larger, we use 0.45mm thick kraft cardboard or thicker.
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Creative closed structure
For the structure of the printed carton, the sealing design on the back is very creative.cup tray wholesale The label is like a tongue, it can be slid into the die-cut hole on the back. Therefore, workers on the production line can immediately seal the customized cartons and boxes. Beautiful printed kraft boxes or bags usually have offset printing or screen printing. Sometimes, customers ask us to use flexographic printing to reduce costs. Hyde Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier and manufacturer of paper boxes in China.sugarcane bowl wholesale If you need customized paper packaging, please feel free to contact us for a quote. With the aim of developing the paper industry, protecting the ecological environment, and maintaining human health, the company adopts advanced technology and equipment and selects high-quality raw materials to provide customers with high-quality products.
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