Grafana Help Displaying Current Charge Profile/State

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Grafana Help Displaying Current Charge Profile/State

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Grafana 5.4.3


Open to input to configure a SingleStat or some other color/text display to show the charging status of a PWM solar charge controller.

Currently running a Renogy Wanderer connected to a SnekTek wireless RS-232 module sending charge controller measurements to InfluxDB via MQTT. There is no issue with the data.

My current dashboard is displaying raw values for pV voltage/wattage/ampere, load volt/watt/amp, and battery volt/charge current. I have a SingleStat display that changes color based on battery charge current, and the text changes based on range-to-text.

This configuration only allows displaying three charge situations; charge, discharge, and null.

I would like to be able to display the following states; Bulk, Absorption, Float. The issue with this is bulk and absorption are opposite phases of the charging profile. Charging current ranges from 0A - 0.5A while in bulk, and 0.5A - 0.3A during absorption. Top it off with float ranging from 0.03A - 0.14A, right in the middle of the bulk range.

There is a State of Charge display that is working by using SingleStat and a range-to-text lookup table for 0-100% in 5% increments, and it is working great.
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