SnekTek Line In-Out Kit Install Instructions

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SnekTek Line In-Out Kit Install Instructions

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Thanks for buying the SnekTek Home Mini Line In-Out Mod kit!

Video Tutorial:

If you have any questions you can email me at

Step 1:

Disassemble the home mini to access the main circuit board. Use this guide: ... own/102264

Step 2:


You can destroy them, we won’t be needing them anymore.

Be careful not to contact or remove the tiny components near the microphones!

On your Hot Air Station:
Set the temperature to 350 and carefully desolder both microphones. It should slide right off.

With Your Heat Gun:
Heat the microphone area locally and check if microphone is loose every few seconds. It should slide right off.

Step 3:

Strip a bit of rubber and tin the red, purple, white and brown wire.

Step 4:

Solder the wires to the pads as shown, careful not to have any shorts. It doesn’t matter which
mic’s pads you solder to, just make sure to connect them as shown.
Figure 1: Home mini circuit board after microphone removed.

Step 5: Optional but highly recommended

Strain relief the wires by taping them down to the circuit board, bending them over and taping again. You can also use a dab of epoxy or glue but test first to make sure it’s working.

Step 6:

Install the line out function by soldering the red and black wires to the red and black speaker wire. You may disconnect the speaker to use only the line out, or leave it connected in parallel to use both.

Step 7: Optional:

Figure out how you want to fish the wires out of the home mini enclosure, and drill appropriate holes

Step 8:

Solder the other ends of wires to the google home mod kit.

Step 9: Very important.

Triple check all connections. If you are not 100% sure you connected it as instructed, send me a picture of your work and I’ll check it for you.

Check all connections with a multimeter on continuity mode. There should be no continuity between the wires.

Step 10:

Reassemble the home and plug it in. You should see a red LED on the mod kit light up about half way through boot up.

Step 11:

Record a voice memo on your phone “Hey Google, How’s the weather” and play it back while plugged into the line in port.

Tip: Try a volume level of 50-60% to begin with. Too loud and the output will exceed line level and the product won't hear your voice properly.

Step 12:

Let me know how you are using your kit and how it’s working for you. I love to hear your feedback. If you have any suggestions to make this guide better, let me know as well.
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Re: SnekTek Line In-Out Kit Install Instructions

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Can you clarify what you mean by bumper, and what 3m pad are you talking about. Maybe they added it, post a pic
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