Manual Firmware Update Instructions

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Manual Firmware Update Instructions

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Instructions to manually update the Firmware (Updated on September 26, 2020)

Note, typically you should be able to do the over-the-air update from the dashboard UI itself. If you have a very old firmware that doesn't have the feature or for any reason you are not able to trigger the update from the UI. Follow the following instructions:


1. USB micro connector cable
2. Download NodeMCU PyFlasher from here: ... .0-x86.exe


Step 1. Download and extract the zip archive specific to your dashboard type:

For EPEVER-RS485 For RENOGY-RS232 Step 2. Open the case from the unit and attach a USB micro connector to the computer. Remove progjump1 and progjump2 jumpers (Note: Newer versions only have 1 jumper ).

Step 3. Open NodeMCU PyFlasher
Step 4. Select "Serial port" and click "Browse" to select the .bin file, extracted from Step 1. Set the "Erase flash" option to "yes"

Step 5. Click on "Flash NodeMCU", and see the following output when successfully completed:
Step 6. Unplug the unit from the computer and place back inside the case. Replace progjump1 and progjump2 jumpers or there will be no communication with the solar controller.

Step 7. Navigate to the solar dashboard page and click the settings tab. Go the the firmware section and update the firmware to the latest. If no firmware update is available, click reboot to check again.
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