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Power Injection

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I was ready to send my new SnekTek back because it kept rebooting from my new Renogy Adventurer controller.

At the advice of Jonathan and another member of the community I added power injection to the SnekTek. I wanted to share the approach I took and also to report back that since this modification I have had zero reboots.

However I am still having problems with the SnekTek metrics capture. I don't know if it is related to this mod or is a separate issue. I am going to create a new thread for that.

First here is the diagram Jonathan sent for required Power Injection pinout.

Although I have an RJ45/12/11 Cable crimper I really didn't feel like hacking up the few RJ12 cables I have. I happened to have a 6 pin inline coupler on hand like this https://www.amazon.com/Inline-Telephone ... 107&sr=1-4 and used that as the power injection splice point instead.

1. Cutting the #6 (Blue Wire) that supplies the power - leave extra wire on the SnekTek side for splicing and seal the controller side.

2. Splicing an automotive spade connector to the outbound SnekTek pin#6 with a solder and seal connector https://www.amazon.com/TICONN-Connector ... 9hdGY&th=1

3. Re-assembly - be sure to mark the direction of the SnekTek so you don't accidently feed power back to your controller.

4. Connected to Storage Battery - this is a test setup in my lab. I will add a proper ring connector at install.
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