This kit will allow you to modify your home mini to allow line in for external microphone, and line out for speaker.

Some soldering skill required.


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About Line level signals.

See this link for a good explanation:

This kit expects a line level input signal. This is ideal for transmitting over long distances, so a 10m cable is not a problem. 

The signal should be, ideally, 3 volts peak to peak for maximum audio quality.

This includes signal from your laptop, smartphone, mp3 player or a line out source.

Do not connect a higher level signal or you could destroy the input circuit.

If your application requires connecting an external microphone to the line in signal, you must ensure that you are using a microphone pre-amp that will boost the signal to this level.

Out of the box headset microphones will perform poorly without proper signal amplification.

I have orders some MAX9814 electret mic with pre-amp units which feature auto-gain control to keep the microphone signal at the right levels. I will try them out with the mod kit and have them for sale here if they perform well.

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SnekTek Google Home Mini Line In and Line Out Kit V2

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